Friday, June 16, 2006

A Casserole of Dreams

Sinking into a soft sea of sleep
My thoughts, on their course
Bubble to the surface
A stray idea
cuts adrift
Lifting the lid
To a casserole of dreams


A ship leaving her cradle
Bellows mournfully -
Shaking stars
From the moonless night.

A Handful of Dew

Cutting a trail
Through the bush
Along Morgan Street,
Monarch butterflies
Flicker past my eyes
Their wings tattooed
With childhood memories

One, I catch, is imprinted
With the iron sand dunes
Of Te Henga,
Another still, reveals
The dark green hills
Of Rangitoto.

Now night arrives
In a blue silk suit
I descend the slope
With a handful of dew;
Amid the mangroves’ tangled roots
Awaits a lonely looter’s sloop
To sail me through, to dawn.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

eat the day

At the beach
For my morning walk
I inhale deeply the cool air
A sweet saline taste pervades,
An inverted pyramid of sunlight
Shimmers, on the green jelly ocean
Stretching to the flanks of Rangitoto
Which lies quietly, a sleeping dragon
Guarding Auckland harbour’s entrance
I’d like to take a big bite out of the sky
wash it down with some emerald sea

Monday, May 29, 2006

The Seeds of Inspiration

with mortar and pestle
i grind these unripe seeds
of wax free inspiration
flourishing with weeds
tincture with ambrosia
and sprinkle in some herb
throw away the recipe
add some cloves of mirth
blend in a bouncy rhythm
and mix it to a paste
spice with a pinch of desire
tongue touch it just to taste
imbibe every morning
with your cup of tea
and last night’s dreams
for seasoning.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lost for Words

Words, like fireflies,
Which cannot be stars
Do not convey
The gravity of loss
But dance,
Against the night...
and through the thick silence
they carry our laughter to the skies.

Tortured Flower

Our tortured flower, no tower, of love, loosed, lost,
Tumbled, wrecked, your night’s thighs splayed,
Toppled what was and cannot now, be again.
Damned to a lonesome highway, a fragile kite
To float away against the drawing velvet night.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fog of Reason

We are
All of us
Jettisoned at birth
Into a voyage of self-discovery
Cut adrift on a sea of doubt
Which is shrouded
In a mist of
Deception and delusion

There are moments,
When this mist
Spontaneously lifts
The confusion is dispelled;
For an instant
We see clearly
The shore,
Before it is engulfed by
The fog of reason.


bits of brittle shit
bark, and detritus
wrecked and burnt
stacks of sticks
on the track,
fall in an orange
pond of light
melt in the moult
mould a word
of guilt
or of gold,
i'm cut free
let go

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Heron's Cry

Rusted bikes and
Bits of brush
The babbling brook
Forever hushed
A white heron
On a black tyre
Looks on in disgust
At a murdered river
With busted guts
It boils with acid
And factory slush
A stench of death
And festering pus
Raped and pillaged
By acts so gutless
How can you sleep
With the blood
On your cutlass
The heron cries,
Then takes flight
From the river,
So luckless.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Eggshell Room

Crawl now
Into the womb,
Of your eggshell room
The shape of last night’s dream
Awaiting, peripetating, on the bed.

Feel the alabaster outline, crack
Step down, below, let the mind bellow
Shatter the dawn of a numb erred morning.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Guitar Wizard (homage to Jack White)

Your distorted guitar roar
icy blue lightning saw
tragicomedy lyricism
surreal carnival witticism
apocalyptic guitar
slicing through
the fakery
of our pseudo
society's bakery
Meg hammering home
the truth
cymbal smashing
pudding proof
wired, never tired
never yawn
every electric moment
I'm reborn
tasting the silver sounds
of every chord
here's to you Jack
guitar wizard
let it soar...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Bronze Horizon

Words ooze forth
from the crucible
harden and cool
to be cut and assembled
in their odd molten forms
some words heavy, cadaverous
contorted in awkward rigamortis
are cast back into the melting pot

only the well formed words
are painfully fettled, polished
then pampered with patina,
presented to the elements
to tarnish, age, and slip
silently, into the void
on the bronze horizon.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


rain falling in slivers
across the road
down the rivers
cast loose your lost love’s frost,
steel your heart in moss
carve through the night with rusty chisel,
bury the dismal
turn about, float, drizzle,
mould yourself of clay,
fast post
your weary mind to yesterday,
trip slip beyond the grip
twist the tortured flower of love no tower,
this hour obeyed
tumbled wrecked, your night thighs splayed
damned to a lonesome highway on a fragile day
embark, hark the herald angel’s flitting wing
glory to the lizard king.
bend, river - turn your last trick
honk your horn you stupid dick…
take the whip, crack wide the dawn
here have some sugar coated prawns.

Visiting a Dream (for Murray Edmond)

We wobble along
Through a Kyoto lane
To the Kamo river,
Where life’s at play;
Two spotted lizards
On a vending machine
A flutter of bats
On the humid breeze
A lone black bass
In a splash of green.

On the eastern hills
A huge black cloud
Heaves its mighty chest,
Blowing giant kisses
Toward the pale moon’s face
In a burst of lust
The cloud lets loose
A silent flash of light
Illuminating the river,
Painting the hillside white.

We cross a footbridge
The following day
To an ancient temple
Through summer rain,
Amongst the incense,
Bells and chanting,
As I step near
The statue of Fujin
A tui calls out
On the horizon.

Osaka, September 15, 2003

Firefly Shaman (for Richard)

Rambling, splattered
Bodies shattered
Petrol fireflies
R.L. scattered
Across the skies
Oh sheer delight -
Nothing mattered;
Such delirious
Delicious clarity
It drove us both
To barfing hilarity

Eternal smile

Happiness is
being familiar
with a kid
who can give you
the greatest joy
in an instant
with a smile,
it is ephemeral
yet eternal.

Flowers of Satori

As i said, to my son Kei, looking north, over the totaras...
"ah...damn...rain again..."
he replied, with a glance toward the horizon,
"...yes, but the flowers are growing".

Tui Quill

with this tui quill
dipped in the river's murky ink
that runs through native bush
as the artery runs through this arm
I paint these words.